Provincial and Ministerial Level Talent Research Team of the School of Foreign Studies

The team is affiliated to the Foreign Language Research Center of the School of Foreign Studies, with Dr. Lin Zhong as the leader. At present, the team has four associate professors, five lecturers and two teaching assistants. The team aims to application for national-level projects, publishing of high-level papers, application for high-level talent projects, and application for provincial and ministerial awards, and regularly carries out academic activities. For the team, the leader works as core guidance to be responsible for team management, the research funds for talent projects are taken as vitality, and achievement output is taken as guidance. The team takes linguistics and applied linguistics as its research directions. Currently, it undertakes one national project and four provincial and ministerial level projects. In recent two years, it has published more than 20 papers in SSCI, CSSCI, etc., and published three monographs and translations.