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The School of Foreign Studies of Chang'an University is teaching-oriented. In 2000, the Department of Foreign Languages of Chang'an University was formed through merging of the English Teaching and Research Section and the Russian, Japanese and German Teaching and Research Section of Former Xi'an Highway University, the Department of Foreign Languages of Xi'an Institute of Technology, and the Teaching and Research Section of Foreign Languages of Northwest Institute of Architecture and Engineering, and in 2001, the School of Foreign Studies was established. Now, our school has six teaching institutions, including College English Teaching Division I, College English Teaching Division II, Department of English, Department of Japanese, English Department for Graduate Students, and Teaching and Research Section of Western Languages, as well as service institutions such as Office of the School (covering general affairs, teaching management, etc.), Office of Student Affairs, Language Laboratory Center, etc.

The school has been undertaking the public foreign language teaching of all levels in the university and the training tasks for foreign language major students. At present, the school has two undergraduate majors of English and Japanese, as well as one authorization point for the master's degree of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. The school plans to enroll 40 undergraduates majoring in English, 20 undergraduates majoring in Japanese, and about 15 graduate students each year. Till now, our school has 233 enrolled full-time undergraduates and 37 graduate students.

In TEM-4 and TEM-8 for English majors and NSS-4 and NSS-8 for Japanese majors in China over the years, our students have achieved excellent results. The one-time pass rate for both TEM-4 and TEM-8 is higher than the national average pass rate by more than 30%; the Level I pass rate of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is nearly 90%, and the pass rate for NSS-4 and NSS-8 is higher than the national level by 20~30%. The students majoring in English and Japanese have participated in various national subject competitions, and achieved excellent results. In the past five years, the students majoring in English have made outstanding achievements in various competitions such as National English Competition for College Students, National English Speech Competition for College Students, China Daily 21st Century · Coca-Cola Cup National English Speaking Competition, National English-Chinese-Chinese-English Translation Competition, National Finals of the National College Innovative English Challenge Competition, Model United Nations Debate Competition, etc. At the same time, the students majoring in Japanese have also repeatedly achieved excellent results in the competitions of China Cup National Japanese Speech Contest, Sasakawa Cup Composition Competition, Shaanxi Province Japanese Demonstration Competition, Shaanxi Province Japanese Translation Competition, etc.

At present, there are 174 teaching and administrative staff members in the School of Foreign Studies, including 157 full-time teachers, accounting for 90.23%; 14 administrators and laboratory technician, accounting for 8.05%; and 3 counselors, accounting for 1.72%, as well as 13 foreign teachers. There are 38 full-time teachers with senior titles; 111 teachers with intermediate titles; and 8 teachers with junior titles. Among the full-time teachers, there are 14 teachers with doctor's degree; 114 teachers with master's degree; and 29 teachers with bachelor's degree. Among the full-time teachers, there are 130 domestic college graduates, accounting for 82.80%; and 27 overseas college graduates, accounting for 17.2%.

Among the teachers, there is one expert with outstanding achievements in undertaking national social science fund projects in Shaanxi Province. In the past five years, the teachers of our school have presided 6 national social science fund projects, 6 Shaanxi Provincial social science fund projects, 25 central university scientific research projects and 1 provincial education reform project; Our teachers have published 41 papers in core journals, 5 academic monographs, 3 textbooks, and 2 translations; and won two provincial scientific research achievement awards (third prize).

At present, our school has formed a number of relatively stable teaching and research teams, including the research directions of foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, international and regional studies, comparative literature and cross-cultural studies, etc., and owned academic research institutions such as Institute of Foreign Languages and Literatures (IFLL) at Chang'an University, etc.

The orientation of our school is to comprehensively deepen the comprehensive reform, strengthen the education and teaching reform, improve the talent development quality, adhere to governing the school in accordance with laws and regulations, and enhance the construction of the Party, especially the construction of grassroots Party organizations, with unified promotion of the overall plan for the construction of a world-class university and first-class disciplines as the blueprint, and the Double First Class construction of the university as the guidance, centering on the struggle goals proposed in the Fourth Party Congress of the university. Seizing opportunities, keeping forging ahead, and comprehensively improving the school running strength and level, we will build our school into a distinctive teaching-oriented one.

The development goals of our school are to own the school running system with a perfect talent development mode and the development quality highly recognized by the society, and build the disciplines with distinctive characteristics and the teacher teams with reasonable structure and high level, becoming a first-class and nationally renowned foreign language education base in Northwest China with a high degree of internationalization.

The schooling philosophy of our school is “quality-oriented, connotation construction, service foremost and characteristic development”, that is, to insist on the talent development as the center, take the connotation construction and internationalization as the path, serve the needs of social development for talent development and the needs of various disciplines of the university for foreign language teaching, and take the road of characteristic development.